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Welcome to 1800 Loans, the place for information and links to source great boat loans, caravan loans, finance to buy a jetski, yacht finance and commercial car finance even if you don’t have all the documents required by the bank.

Better Boat Loans

Why settle for a good boat loan when you really want a better boat loan deal. No matter what type of boat you are considering buying – power, sail, commercial vessel, ski boat, speed boat, fishing boat, houseboat or family runabout, new or used, there are ‘better’ boat loans to be found when you know where to look.

Bad Credit Boat Finance

So you want a loan to buy a boat but you have some issues with your credit history. Bad credit doesn’t have to leave you stranded ashore. Attractive personal loans and commercial finance packages can be offered to people with bad credit for the purchase of all types of boats.


Cheap Jetski Loan

To get a cheap jetski loan, you need the savvy skills to manoeuvre around the boat finance scene, know where to go, who to talk to, how to negotiate for the best result.

Whether you’ve got your heart set on a new or used jetski, we have the information to have you powering in the right direction for a cheap loan

Yacht Finance

Dreaming of sailing the high seas or just a leisurely afternoon on the harbour. Skiffs to super maxis, new and used, we’ll give you the wind which will fill your sails and power you to a great yacht finance deal.

A range of loan products are available to finance yacht purchases and a broker is ideally positioned to advise you which is best suited to your circumstances.

If you’re purchasing for business purposes, eg a yacht hire business, then you can consider the range of commercial loan products which are available.

Caravan Finance

Finance for your caravan purchase can be as flexible as caravaning itself. You want to deal with someone who shares your adventurous spirit, understands your circumstances and can deliver you a great caravan finance deal without having to go off the beaten track.

Just because you have the desire to explore the country doesn’t mean you want to spend your time exploring the entire caravan finance world.

We’ll give you the information and links to take the short cut to the best caravan loan for your requirements.

Caravan Loan Calculator

One of the sneakiest short cuts to a great caravan loan is to follow the caravan loan calculator. It’s an online service which allows you to get an estimate of what you may pay per month on a loan for a caravan. Being online, it can be accessed from anywhere you have online connectivity – from a computer, laptop or mobile device, from whatever location you find yourself in.

No Doc Car Loans

Don’t think you’re at the end of the car loan road just because you don’t have all the documents that the bank asks for, to complete their car loan application form.

There are other options available to you and yes, you can be offered a good car loan deal, even without those documents.

We’ll give you the information you need to source a great no doc car loans.


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